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Solving Family Law Issues

Parents want their children to be happy. You want them to have a stable environment to thrive in. Many worry that a divorce could jeopardize that.

Two primary concerns you may have are about custody division for the children and how their ongoing care will be funded. It can be devastating to think that a child may no longer be able to see you as much as before or that paying for everything they need will fall completely on your shoulders.

We help families alleviate these worries. Our firm is highly experienced at handling a wide range of family law matters. Attorney Julio Bardavid is adept at working with families to try and solve their problems in a quick and efficient manner.

Providing Guidance In Custody Disputes

Not all parents can come to an agreement on their own about how child custody should be divided. One may want to keep your children for longer than you feel comfortable with or refuse to take any responsibility for homing them. Custody matters can quickly become complicated and spiral out of control.

Attorney Julio Bardavid vigorously defends the rights of parents. Your time with your children shouldn’t be infringed upon and deserves to be protected. He understands how to advocate for parental custody rights and fights to see them honored.

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