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Children’s Issues In Divorce And Separation Cases

An event such as a divorce or separation of the parents often complicates family life. A child custody dispute, in particular, can lead to gaps and heartaches if parents lose sight of the No. 1 goal in the eyes of the law: the children’s best interests. Family law judges focus on children’s well-being more than on parents’ wishes. When a marriage includes shared minor children, a divorce decree will need to include an order for:

  • Child custody (legal and physical custody, defining which parent/parents have decision-making power and where children will live)
  • Child visitation (as part of a parenting plan)
  • Child support (payments from one parent to the other to account for differences in needs and resources as they relate to the nurturing of children)

At Law Offices of Julio R. Bardavid, clients enjoy reassurance that comes from thoughtful guidance through the legal processes for:

  • Devising a parenting plan that both parents can accept or deferring to a family law judge’s orders
  • Determining child support amount for a parent to pay or receive (taking into account the state child support calculator and any special circumstances that may justify deviating from it)
  • Understanding future circumstances that might justify a modification of a custody or support court order

For the sake of both parents and children, attorney Julio R. Bardavid encourages clients to arrive at acceptable agreed-upon parenting time arrangements through negotiations. When talks do not produce a workable agreement, the next step may be mediation. In challenging cases, a trial may ultimately be necessary.

Clear, Strong Guidance For Child Custody And Support Matters

A family law attorney can be your most valuable ally when you are fighting to protect your relationship with your child. To discuss your concerns with a lawyer, contact our California family law firm. We welcome parents from all walks of life, at any stage of a separation or divorce case. Business owners, medical professionals and parents with many other occupations and social statuses rely on the sound counsel they receive at this firm. If you already have a child custody or support order and need help with enforcement or modification, Mr. Bardavid is ready to help you move toward your desired goals. Call 818-582-3463 or use our easy online intake form to reach out and schedule a consultation at your convenience.